JR Russell


Growing up as an athlete I always knew I would be working in the sports/fitness field. I am intrigued by how the body functions, the way muscles move, and how the body recovers. This passion drove me to enroll in the National Personal Training Institute, graduating in 2011. Since then, I've acquired certification through NASM, and added certifications yearly including Level 1 and 2 Kettlebell certs, Onnit foundation, clubbell, steel mace and movement certs.

My infatuation with training stems from the constant evolution and increased knowledge of the human body. The best basis of any training program is variety; working with my clients on functional movements, mobility, flexibility, cardio, and overall strength. Applying this belief to my trainings makes my clients strong, lean, and function in the best way possible. I got into this industry to help people. I feed off of my clients achieving goals and growing in their fitness world. It is my goal to keep clients on a path to feeling better in their clothes, stronger in their lifts, and confident in life.

I have worked with JR for over five years.  His own fitness level and knowledge is inspiring.  He works you out hard with a dedication to detail and control.   With his help I’m able to achieve a high level of fitness and I am able to continue to participate in all the sports I love to do.  JR keeps it fun and I’d recommend him to anyone that wants to make a difference in their fitness.
— Parvanah S.
JR offers personalized attention to his clients. He is extremely knowledgeable, not just about fitness, but about how to motivate as well as strengthen areas of injury. He always tried inventive new techniques to keep training interesting, while masking the immense pain of fitness.  Because of his training, I was able to use my upper body strength to pull my lower half, deadened due to an epidural, into position for birth, no assistance. Shocked the hell out of my nurses!  Kudos, JR.
— Susannah W